Enterprise Servers

Rack Servers Workstation

AI Platforms

PCIe GPU Servers

AMD GPU Servers

nVidia GPU Servers


High Performance Computing Servers

Power Efficient Blade Servers

Data Storage

High Density Storage Server

Expansion Storage JBOD

All Flash Storage 

Legacy RAID Storage

OEM/ODM Products

AMD EPYC Motherboard with Full 128 x Gen4 PCIe exposed

96 Lanes PCIe Gen4 Switch Board for Host and Device

Managed Storage Backplane, E1.S/E3.S/U.2/U.3

FPGA RAID integrated Motherboard

Embedded RAID 0, 1, 3-way Mirror

PCIe Retimer adapter 


Optical, PCIe , SAS Cables

High Speed Internal Cables

Customized Break-out Cables

Enclosure, Canister

Data Storage

PCIe, SATA (U.2/M.2/E1.S/E3.S)

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